Ashley’s Interview with Adirondack Life

Ashley’s album, “Love and Fury” was awarded of one Times Union “Best Records of 2014″

“Singer-songwriter Ashley Sofia has “big-time star” written all over her. The 23-year-old native of (Fort) Ticonderoga, N.Y., grew up on a steady diet of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Johnny Cash, and it shows in her songwriting. Heralded as a “reincarnation of the Laurel Canyon folk-rock sound” by No Depression, Sofia channels the 1960s and ’70s on her debut album, Love and Fury. Graced with vocals and stage presence beyond her years, the timeless talent belts out what she describes as “poems set to music” alongside her mentor, Bryan Kennedy.” -Seven Days

“I saw a post of a video of a girl named Ashley Sofia singing a song called ‘Let Go’ it was a youtube video, when I saw it my natural reaction was, ‘This girl is got a record deal and she’s huge, so who is she, and why haven’t I heard of her?’ And in trying to find out who she was, I became an instant fan. I found out she’s a girl from upstate New York, just starting out, I think her I wrote her a letter and said, ‘Hey I’m a fan’ … She is one of the most amazing and talented people I have ever been around. And I have been blessed to be around some pretty talented people.” – Garth Brooks Tour Manager, Bryan Kennedy, during a radio interview with 98.9 WOKO

“Local artist Ashley Sofia from Ticonderoga, NY may not be a household name — yet — but it is only a matter of time. Her exquisite vocals and stage presence will soon be gracing the Vergennes Opera House stage for a one-evening only concert to benefit the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital and the Vergennes Opera House. She will be accompanied by her mentor and Nashville singer-songwriter Bryan Kennedy. You may recognize his name as he has penned several #1 country songs including the well-known “American Honky Tonk Bar Association”. -Eventbrite

“Ashley Sofia writes songs like they used to on Love and Fury. With depth and grace and heart, and it’s easy to tell, for her, she doesn’t want to be a musician, she has to be one.”
– The Albany Times Union

“Love and Fury” is just that, put to song. It gets intense, like in “Crazy Heart,” where in a warm, enticing voice she achingly tells, “The best bridge I ever built is the one I just burned down.” Soon “Cowboy” is twangy yet dark, in the melancholy “1973” she name checks her influences (not that she needed to); in the title track “Love and Fury,” her clever phrasing powers a catchy chorus, while in the searing “Judas,” she proves to be someone you wouldn’t want to cross (never date a songwriter). With a lovely voice, literate lyrics, compelling songs with grace and gravity, plus looking like she stepped out of a page from Rolling Stone circa 1973, Sofia is the real thing. Seek her out. -David Malichowski, The Times Union

I have been waiting for this album for a long time, I can happily say that this is the best album of 2014 so far (and at this stage I have heard quite a few of this year’s new releases)
Ashley Sofia will rise to the height of the greats; LOVE AND FURY is the fuel for her rocket to stardom!- MigMag, Jonjo Cosgrove

“The future of Folk Rock.” – Tommy Gibbs, OKWordRevival

“If you love great songwriting, a mesmerizing voice, true beauty and a heart focused outward instead of on self, you are going to be amazed by Ashley Sofia.” -Brian Humek

Adirondack folkie Ashley Sofia is a smart songwriter who sounds like she should have been born four decades earlier and lived in Laurel Canyon. (Maybe she can bring those days back?) – David Malichowski, The Albany Times Union

“Ashley put together a record … that will at once be familiar to older folk/rock fans but also touch on today’s sounds. They tell stories (from her heart) about love and heartbreak, the gritty details of life and death, taken from personal experiences and observation and from stories told.” -Andrew Gregory, The Times Union Blog

“It is definitely evident that Ashley can sing and write. Her seriously incredible vocal skills, and range, are showcased in every song she releases and her unbelievable songwriting skills are as well.” – Amy Blackwell, Basement Entertainment

Honest and bare-naked, the young lady puts a lot of herself in the tunes she records. Ashley’s strikingly beautiful figure and voice look like a winning combination. Her capacity isn’t attributed to her looks though. It lays on a structured and smart song writing technique, a delicate melodious voice, and the so-called emotive shadow always present in everything she does. -MusicVerb

“…she blends the sounds of rock and roll, country, and even hip hop (you can hear it in her flow) to create a beautiful, original folk-rock sound. Her 11 song debut album was just released this january- and the reviews are outstanding, but don’t just take our word for it; check it out yourself.” -Foxbeard Music

“You guys know I love to share people I meet. I love to share music I find fresh and real…But, I love this song by her… Here you go. Here is Ashley Sofia.
Sharing her gift with us all.” – Bryan Kennedy (#1 hit songwriter behind Beaches of Cheyenne, The American Honkytonk Bar Association, Good Ride Cowboy)

Have you ever had the feeling that a musician may have traveled through space and time during a recording project? Music critics and fans are hailing Ashley Sofia as a 21st century reincarnation of the Laurel Canyon folk-rock sound on the early 1970s. Ashley’s songwriting and captivating voice make for a great combination

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