Fantastic news!! I’ve just copyrighted all my songs and the are soooo ready for all of you! Stay posted. The demo is dropping this week!



Can’t sleep

It’s almost 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  I’ve had the most creative energy tonight than I’ve had in a couple of weeks, and when that happens to an artist- they must embrace it. I wrote three songs tonight.  None of them solid or finished but they all have the structure to turn into something great with a little more work and a second visit.

Sometimes writing amazes me, I mean the process.  I’ve been writing stories and poetry, essays, journal entries and songs now for years and years, but I’m so far from understanding how it works.  It’s like this organic process that happens in my brain that in some ways, I have almost no control over.  I can’t decide when I want to write; the writing decides for me.  I’ll hit dry patches when I’m stressed, and I’ll sit down to write thinking, “I really need to get this off my chest,” or, “writing always makes me feel better,” and I can’t.  I’m frozen.  The cogs of whatever mysterious and invisible machine are immoveable, my creativity; intangible.  And then, just like that, a day or two later it (whatever ‘it’ is) goes into overdrive. I can’t stop thinking in lyrics. It’s like life is a walking poem that doesn’t slow down, and every once in a while I get a real and true glimpse of it- I find the exact words that I am feeling and I find myself scribbling on napkins, post its or typing madly on the notepad of my iPhone trying to articulate the poetry around me. Of course I always fall short, all writers do.  There are not enough words in any language to describe the course of action we take, or emotion we endure.

I’m so excited to share my new album with the world, but I’m also so nervous.  Dave (my producer) is honestly a musical visionary and virtuoso and I totally lucked out partnering up with him.  Nonetheless, I hear every flaw in the songs.  My tone, my voice, my strumming- I’m critical of every note, and every 16th note in between. I guess I need to keep in mind that I’m probably the worst critic I’ll ever have to face.  Isn’t that a strange concept? Oddly, other times I think I sound so good I have no idea how I came up with that one chord, or line. Pardon my philosophical banter- I told you I was channeling lots of creative energy tonight!

If you’re still reading, you must be a real fan, and for that I am very thankful. I’ve been blessed with so much support from family, friends and strangers.  Thanks for tuning in. I love you.



First post!

Hey there! So for my first blog entry I would just like to say that I have no idea what is going on. WordPress isn’t that confusing, but I think in the process of trying to blog, I’ve messed up my website. I guess that’s why I’m a musician and not a website designer…

I would like to give a quick thanks to the man who DID design this website, Derek Ohanesian.  He is a total computer rockstar.

In terms of things that you actually care to read, (no offense, Derek) my demo is finished!!! I spent hours and hours in the studio with Dave Veslocki, the guitar aficionado and producer who really made my album come to life. He is honestly a music genius.. no really, he is! He graduated from Yale School of Music, played with Cirque du Soleil, and he tours all over Asia playing Bach on classical guitar. It was such a pleasure being in the studio with him- he has limitless musical knowledge and expertise and we had such a good flow together!

I had a really scratchy voice one day before we recorded so we went to the bar at 11AM so I could drink Guinness.  One of my good friend’s from college researched vocal cord health and discovered that guinness beer is actually AMAZING for vocal cords. When I asked if the bar was open the bartender looked at me like I was crazy. Neverthless, recording went really smoothly and my voice sounded pretty silky on the track.. I won’t tell you which one 😉

Saul Kurtz and I also cowrote this new tune called ‘Come Back to Me’ which I cannot stop humming and singing! It was a really interesting experience writing with another songwriter- definitely challenging at times, but absolutely worth it.  Dave played slide guitar in the background and it sounds sooo beautiful, just wait till you hear it.  Saul wrote the chords, and I wrote the words.  It was a perfect combination of talent- great production, music, and lyrics. I’m so excited to share it with you all!

Stay posted!

Peace and love,

Ashley Sofia