Named a Cafe Lena Emerging Artist and My Second Music Video

Recently, Cafe Lena has named me an emerging artist.  This is a huge accomplishment for a folk rocker like myself, in fact I’ve dreamt about this moment since I was a little girl.  I’ve seen dozens of performances on that stage from Peter Mulvey to Anais Mitchell and I always hoped that one day I’d have my moment up there.  It’s an honor to have named a Cafe Lena emerging artist, following the same road my hero, Bob Dylan, walked in 1961.  I am a better musician for listening to my parents generation of  songwriters, and it’s my privilege to perform on the stage where many of them first performed the music that would change the world in the 60’s and 70’s from Arlo Guthrie to Pete Seeger. If there’s an Ashley Sofia show you shouldn’t miss, it will be this one. Wednesday, June 13 in Saratoga Springs at Cafe Lena.  To learn more about this amazing venue click here:

I just got back from filming my second music video in New York.  Jon Kilmer is such a pleasure to work with- he’s super focused, talented, and so much fun to be around.  While I haven’t seen any of the clips from our shoot, I have a feeling it’s going to be a great video.  I wrote a 10 song pop mash-up using Adele, Katy Perry, Weezy, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Jordin Sparks, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. I’m very excited to show off all the hard work that it took to make the video come to life.

This week I’ll also be doing a second photo shoot. As soon as the shots are ready, I’ll post them up on my website!

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Radio Interview & Back In The Studio

Last week I went to Boston to visit some friends and do a live radio interview and performance with unregular radio’s Gag Order Radio.  It was an amazing experience.  It’s becoming more effortless to introduce myself as “Ashley Sofia,” because in a lot of ways she is who I’ve become.  The interviewers were really hilarious, a bit risqué at times, but overall a ton of fun.  We chatted for about an hour and then I played, Shut Up and Plug Me In, Pull Me Up, Soulmate, and Summer Dress.  It was neat to hear that I converted some of the hip hop and rap fans at the station to fans of folk rock. At first they were hassling me a little bit about being from the sticks, but their tunes changed pretty quickly after they heard me play.  Hailey, one of the interviewers told me she had goosebumps after she first heard me.  It’s things like that that really make it all worth it as an artist.  I’m really thankful to have gotten the chance to meet everyone at the station. They were all so amazing- I can’t wait to get back to Boston to see all of them!

If you’d like to check out an abbreviated (and heavily edited) interview and performances go here:

Things are going super well as far as writing is concerned.  In fact, I can’t quite stop writing.  It’s been a very productive six months and I’m happy to report it’s still flowing. I recently recorded a few new tracks with some friends of mine that I expect to kind of blow your minds.  They’re unlike anything I’ve ever written but they’re still quintessential A.S. tracks.  The lyrics are definitely up to my standards but the sound is way different- in a good way. It won’t be done for some time but I can’t help getting excited about it now!

I have a few really exciting things coming up that I can’t quite blog about yet, but I promise you once I’m at liberty to divulge- I will post about it here. Everyday I’m one step closer to where I need to be. It’s really amazing that in the past year alone I’ve done interviews, photo shoots, a music video, a radio show, been sponsored, and playing shows.  It feels just as incredible as I imagined it would, and I’m ready for all the adventures to come.

Please be sure to check my show dates for upcoming gigs as I am about to post more this week.

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valentine’s post!

I’m heading to Boston in a few days to visit some friends and do a radio show and interview! I’m really excited to do a live show for 30,000 people. It’s going to be unreal. A few days after that I’ll be in Schenectady, NY opening for a Beatle’s showcase just down the road from my Alma Mater. I’ve been so busy with music, bookings, traveling, emails that I haven’t had much time to blog.

Anyway, Happy Saint Valentines day! I hope everyone is busy spreading the love today.  This morning I went to visit both my grandmothers.  I brought them chocolate roses, balloons, and teddy bears.  While it was a simple gesture, I could tell it meant so much to them.  Valentines day doesn’t have to be about romance- it should be about showing everyone- family, friends, and yes, even enemies love.  Hate is easy. Love takes courage. And remember- relationships come and go, but family and friends are forever<3

In the past few months I’ve had an awakening. Life is so brilliant- so bizarre, twisted and yet still so beautiful.  I just finished reading Zorba The Greek, and it was the most incredible piece of literature I’ve read (and that says a lot coming from an English major!) It discussed all the things we shy away from talking about because it’s too uncomfortable and scary.  The bottom line is that life is full of questions- questions we simply cannot answer.  Why is there pain and suffering? Why are we born? Why do we die? The author takes no presumptuous tone in pretending to be able to answer these questions. Instead, he offered me consolation and relief. While life is full of uncertainty and struggle and pain, while people we love come and go, change, and pass away- their legacies, their artwork, their children, their love, laughter, memories, accomplishments, wisdom- that all stays with us, forever. There is no such thing as death, then.  Through art and love we will continue to live on.


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