New Songs, My Novel, & An English Tour?

So for whatever ridiculous reason, wordpress decided to block me from signing into my account for the past few months. No, really. I mean, I recognize that I am probably one of the most computer illiterate people that I know, but even my website designer was a bit stumped as to the problem. Regardless, I’m back in action and ready to blog!

Let me update you on a few things that have happened! I’ve entered a really exciting partnership with Mere Natural, the company that makes this amazing caffeinated water.  I have met with the owners and they are the sweetest and most sincere people. I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing product. If you’d like to hear more about the water check out their website!  It’s amazing for musicians like me who are constantly on the move.

Another source of excitement has been from this Music promoter in the UK who has taken an interest in me. Together we plan to book a series of shows in New York City in January and then a mini-tour in England in April.  I am extremely eager to begin performing more consistently now that my schedule has opened up.

In non-music related news I finished my first full length novel! I have always dreamed of being a novelist, before I even plucked my first chord. I’m proud and excited and overall a bit surprised with myself.  I guess you never know what you can do until you sit down and do it.

Also, I’ve almost finished writing a full album of new songs.  The muse has blessed me these past five months and I’ve saturated every  napkin, notebook, and post-it it my house. While it’s too soon to really evaluate my own work (it takes a long time to figure out what you’ve said) I will say this: the themes are dark and complicated and very beautiful.  I personify time and death in two songs.  I write about myself as a wolf in another piece. Another mentionable is a tune about hydro-fracking in a politicized song about our environmental negligence.

I’ve drawn inspiration largely from life experience- recent illness, the political climate, and growing up. I’ve also felt inspired by the books I’ve read and the music I’ve listened to. Even though I’m 22, I re-read the Harry Potter series these past few months and I think some of the incredible values J.K. Rowling encourages effected my work in some ways, though how precisely I’m not quite sure.  I’ve also been listening to lots and lots and lots of Bon Iver.  His music is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard and I strive to emulate that same level of musical innovation. I hope to record this next album with a producer who respects my folk roots but brings very new sounds, perhaps even some electronica mixing to the table. I know I want lots of heavy, heavy bass. Art changes constantly, though.  Even paintings change.  You look at them one day and they mean one thing, and you take a look at them again years later and it means something completely different.  Art is amazing like that.  It defies the laws of physics and the laws of reason.  It opens up an eternal dialogue, not just for the listener or the viewer, but for the artist as well.

Thanks for stopping by. I promise to post more regularly.

peace and love,

Ashley Sofia

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