Another 2 AM Post

2 AM, we’ve got to stop meeting like this!

Recently, Brian Humek, owner of asked me to do an interview.  I was pretty honored to hear from him! I’m surprised he wanted to pick my brain, but he says that he really likes my sound and lyrics.  I’m glad I’ve got a fan in Mr. Humek. I’ll be sure to post the interview on here as soon as it’s published!

Yesterday, I wrote two full songs! I was so excited about this I had to write a post.  Usually when I write I’ll come up with a melody, intro, and a chorus but to fully polish a song or two in an afternoon is such an amazing feat!

This week I had an exciting meeting that I can’t quite post about yet because I’m still looking over the contract- but as soon as it’s signed I’ll be sure to fill you in on some really exciting news. promise.

Also, I’m doing a photo shoot Saturday- I hope to capture the perfect album cover so I can finally get my songs on iTunes and Amazon! I just haven’t found the right shot yet. Maybe I’m being too Bob Dylan about the whole thing- Dylan planned his album covers meticulously.  Sometimes they said more about the album than his songs did.

I’m going to try to sleep. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Promise I’ll be better.




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