Recently named “the future of Folk Rock,” young artist, Ashley Sofia is making waves. Born and raised in the heart of the Adirondacks, Ashley grew up playing music and writing. When she was just 11 years old, she picked up her father’s guitar and learned everything he was willing to show her. Today, and over 100 songs later, she plays, sings, and writes all of her own music. After dropping her debut album, LOVE AND FURY, in early 2014, she was immediately picked up by major radio stations, blogs, and fans around the world. Well over half the album went on to become radio singles. Her songs “Judas” and “Love and Fury” and “Young Summer Love” went on to become three of the most requested songs of the 2014/2015 on Hit Music Station Z97.1. Without promotion or label support, it was named one of the “Best Records of 2014,” by The Times Union. Ashley quickly began selling out shows in the Northeast, garnering legions of fans. Her fresh Folk Rock sound has awoken listeners from her hometown to across the ocean. Known for her ability to sing you into a memory, she makes no apology for her commitment to the lyrics. She says her songs are “poems set to music.” The oldest Folk Rock venue in the United States, the same place Bob Dylan got his start said, “We believe that soon, Ashley Sofia will become a household name.”